2nd May 2018 Ibram

The Secret to Successful and Productive Meetings Shared by R.U.N Global

Startup Business Team Brainstorming on  Meeting Workshop

Meetings are an integral part of the daily routine at R.U.N Global Inc and CEO Ibram Gaston has shared his secrets to running successful and productive meetings.

Florida-based event marketing specialists, R.U.N Global has a mission to empower their clients with integrated marketing strategies with an aim to increase customer acquisitions while at the same time allowing for maximum brand awareness.  At the core of R.U.N Global is their team of passionate, motivated and vibrant contractors who have a genuine thirst for knowledge and development. To feed this thirst, R.U.N Global run daily morning meetings to motivate their team and set them up for success.

Meetings are an unavoidable part of professional life.  According to The Time Trap, the typical amount of time that managers spend in meetings is between one-fourth and three-fourths of their workday. R.U.N Global believe many companies host meetings that are too long-winded and counterproductive.  The event-marketing specialists think that meetings must be concise and streamlined to keep energy levels high and to allow for maximum output.

CEO of R.U.N Global, Ibram Gaston has a talent for running successful and productive meetings with high levels of energy.  He is urging other businesses to improve the efficiency of their meetings if they want to improve the productivity levels of their company. Here, the CEO gives his three top tips on how to run a better meeting.

1/ Start and end on time – not only does good timekeeping demonstrate organizational skills it also keeps the audience engaged for the duration.  Meetings that go on too long will result in the audience losing focus, which makes the meeting less productive.

2/ Be aware of the audience – the type of meeting must be relevant to the attendees with the meeting content engineered towards their needs. The topic needs to be useful and engaging so that participants remain focused.

3/ Be clear and concise – this will prevent any confusion and allow for maximum productivity because the point is made quickly and with minimal fuss.

‘When I run my meetings, firstly I make sure that everyone knows why they are there and what the goal of the meeting is for them’ said CEO Ibram Gaston. ‘Our morning meeting is a crucial part of the day because it is the time when everyone comes together with the same goal – to make this their best day yet!’ Added the CEO.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/308773