25th October 2018 Ibram

Rumors surface of possible R.U.N Global, Inc. expansion following Miami business trip

Following a weeklong business trip to Miami, rumors have begun to circulate that event-marketing experts, R.U.N Global, Inc. are planning an expansion.

Earlier this month, Port St. Lucie based R.U.N Global, Inc. sent a handpicked team of the firm’s top performers to spend a week in Miami at the location of one of the event-marketing specialists business associates.

R.U.N Global, Inc. is a young firm with big growth goals. CEO Ibram Gaston believes that running business trips to different locations across the country can provide them with the opportunity to expose their client base to a new consumer demographic, and more crucially, helping the firm’s workforce to progress their business development.

During the recent trip to Miami, a group of R.U.N Global, Inc.’s top performers spent a week at a marketing agency, learning their practices and networking with like-minded professionals. The purpose of the trip was to aide the business development of the firm’s workforce.

‘Currently, we are firmly focused on laying strong foundations at our headquarters before we will consider expanding. However, we frequently run business trips as they provide tremendous benefits,’ commented Ibram Gaston, CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc.

1. Perspective

Mr Gaston argues that having the opportunity to travel to different locations and spend time with fellow professionals, observing their practices allows the firm’s employees to see things from a different perspective. Spending time in various environments exposes people to alternative approaches and methods.

2. Networking

At R.U.N Global, Inc. they promote the importance of creating a good network. CEO Ibram Gaston argues that networking is one of the most crucial skills for any aspiring professional to master. The business owner believes that business trips provide the firm’s employees with a great opportunity to connect with and forge relationships with like-minded individuals.

3. Development

During the trip to Miami, the company’s workforce had the opportunity to spend time working at the marketing agency of one of the firm’s business associates. During the weeklong trip, they had the chance to witness how they conduct their day-to-day operations and observe different strategies and techniques they employ.

As a firm that exclusively promotes from within, the short-term goal at R.U.N Global, Inc. is to promote a manager by the end of 2018, then look to expand to a new location by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

R.U.N Global is a marketing firm that specializes in events and promotions for some of the nation’s largest brands. CEO Ibram Gaston believes that business trips provide precious insight into different practices and techniques and help the firm’s employees to progress their business development, which will simultaneously help R.U.N Global, Inc. to meet their growth goals.