4th July 2018 Ibram

R.U.N Global, Inc. Reviews the Critical Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials

With Millennials and Generation Z making up a large percentage of the workforce, R.U.N Global, Inc. has reviewed the differences between the generations, in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of what they look for when choosing a company to work for.

Millennials are individuals born between 1980 and mid-1990s, and the term Millennials was coined because they were the first graduating class of the new millennium. In 2016, Millennials became the largest generation in the US workforce at 35%. Generation Z are those born between 1995 and 2012. Generation Z make up 25% of the U.S. population, making them a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers or Millennials.

Event-marketing specialist, R.U.N Global, Inc. has reviewed the critical differences between the two generations.

  1. Focus

Generation Z has grown up in a world with incredible technology. They are used to having everything at their fingertips. They process information faster than other generations due to apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and this has had an impact on their attention spans, resulting in a lack of focus by comparison to Millennials.

  1. Generation Z is Full of Early Starters

Generation Z is more likely to bypass further education and go straight into the working world. With rising student debts, many of those in Generation Z are predicted to go straight into the workplace compared to their Millennial counterparts who pursued further education in large numbers.

  1. Generation Z Is More Entrepreneurial

According to research, Generation Z desires more independent work environments. A study found that 72% of teens stated they wanted to start their own business someday. This is music to the ears of R.U.N Global, Inc.’s CEO Ibram Gaston. The firm has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit, and they offer ambitious individuals the chance to hone their skills and open their own business upon completion of their business development program.

  1. Generation Z Has Higher Expectations Than Millennials

Millennials appreciate inventions and advances in technology, whereas Generation Z tends to take things for granted having grown up in a world surrounded by technology. As a result, Generation Z expects businesses, brands and retailers to appreciate them.

  1. Generation Z Is Big On Individuality

According to statistics, almost 92% of the Generation Z individuals surveyed had a digital footprint. That generation seeks individuality both personally and professionally. They want uniqueness in all walks of life and experiences with brands they do business with.

Specializing in event marketing for some of the world’s leading brands, R.U.N Global, Inc. look to create opportunities for firms to speak and identify with consumers and share experiences. As a company that is frequently seeking the next wave of talented and ambitious individuals to help take their business forward, CEO Ibram Gaston believes it’s vital to understand both Millennials and Generation Z to realize what they look for in a workplace.