17th September 2018 Ibram

R.U.N Global Inc. Committed to Building Strong Company Culture

Florida-based R.U.N Global, Inc. is a young firm with big goals, and CEO Ibram Gaston recognizes that building a strong company culture is vital for the event-marketing specialist to attract top talent and meet their goals.

Mr. Ibram believes that culture is one of the pillars of business success and that companies need to make it a priority to attract and retain top talent.

With millennials expected to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020, company culture has never mattered more. Millennials have different aspirations and expectations than their counterparts, prioritizing a strong company culture when choosing who to work for.

“Attracting talent is one thing, but retaining that talent is where companies can fail, and that’s where culture comes into play,” commented Ibram Gaston CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc.

R.U.N. Global, Inc. has revealed the three key advantages to cultivating a strong company culture. 


R.U.N Global, Inc. has integrated an open door policy, encouraging interaction between employees and management. Mr. Gaston believes that having open communication helps avoid any potential conflicts and supports people to work through any challenges honestly and openly, creating a more harmonious and pleasant working environment.

“It’s important for people to feel like they have a voice and that they can communicate any concerns,” commented Mr. Gaston.


One of the biggest struggles faced by companies is talent retention. At R.U.N Global, Inc. they have developed a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment where they assist and encourage people to achieve their goals and their full potential. Mr. Gaston understands that to retain top talent, offering progression is imperative.  The firm is proud to provide first class progression opportunities via their structured career path.


Mr. Gaston is committed to creating an environment where people enjoy coming to work every day and feel appreciated for what they do. The business owner believes that their company culture has played a critical role in their high productivity levels.  The firm has developed a recognition and reward culture, offering bonuses, incentives, and prizes to top performers, keeping their workforce motivated and productivity levels high.

At R.U.N Global, Inc., their philosophy is fun plus hard work equals success. They like to enjoy the journey and celebrate all of the small victories along the way. The event-marketing specialists are urging industry leaders to focus on company culture to retain talent.