3rd July 2018 Ibram

R.U.N Global, Inc. Announce Exciting Universal Studios Competition

In a statement earlier this week, CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc. Ibram Gaston revealed the direct marketing and sales specialists were running a company-wide competition, based on growth, with the prize of an all expenses paid trip to Universal Studios.

Mr Gaston revealed that the competition was based on revenue, with the objective to generate $20,000 worth of sales over the course of a week. The R.U.N Global, Inc. owner stated that once that objective was met, the firm would organize a company trip to Universal Studios, with the firm’s contractors being allowed to bring a plus one.

Having a history of working in sports, Mr Gaston recognizes the impact of a winning mentality, and that is something he is trying to integrate at R.U.N Global, Inc. Speaking during an interview before the launch of the firm, Mr Gaston stated:

“I’ve arguably been surrounded by some of the best athletes of all time during my career. I’ve seen the number of hours they had to put in, the work ethic and commitment that was required to perform at the highest level. I’ve also seen the obstacles they had to overcome when faced with challenges or criticism from naysayers and sometimes even loved ones. I believe this experience has given me a mental fortitude that I applied to my situation which allowed me to always compete at a high level with the endurance to be the last one standing.”

CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc. Ibram Gaston is proud to have cultivated a strong company culture, and he believes that competition is an essential element of that culture. The business owner contends that the incentive of competition can be a great morale booster and play a considerable role in talent retention.

Having an incentive to work towards can have a significant impact on productivity. When someone wants to win, they will do whatever it takes to get results, pushing boundaries and problem solving to achieve optimum productivity. Having a set goal to work towards sets expectations and targets and when people understand that if they accomplish that goal, they will be rewarded with a prize, they’ll go over and above to make that happen.

The competition is now underway, and Mr Gaston is excited to see the results and the maturity of the workforce as they learn, grow and develop.

R.U.N Global Inc. specializes in increasing market share and raising brand awareness for some of the world’s leading brands. CEO Ibram Gaston is excited by the competition and is looking forward to seeing people unleash their competitive spirit.