Ibram Gaston

It didn’t take long for me to discover my passion – radio and TV broadcasting. With dreams to start a broadcasting network, I attended Florida International University and later transferred to Florida Atlantic University to complete my degree in communications.

Upon graduating, I wasted no time entering my desired industry and soon secured a job working for the Miami Heat. I spent seven years there as an associate producer and was responsible for gathering content for games with the intention of providing an excellent visual experience for fans watching at home or on the web.

I received two NBA championship rings with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh’s teams after winning back to back championships. Other impressive accolades include being named two times Emmy award winner for my outstanding contributions to broadcasting.

Shortly after this I begun to feel a different professional calling, this time as an entrepreneur. I proceeded to start a company which acted as an online platform for educators and enabled them to manage and distribute content to their students. After becoming one of the top companies in the industry and the Miami market, I turned my attention to leading R.U.N Global. We are dedicated to the needs of Fortune 500 companies to assist them with maximizing their brand awareness and customer acquisitions.

"I’ve arguably been surrounded by some of the best athletes of all time during my career. I’ve seen the number of hours they had to put in, the work ethic and commitment that was required to perform at the highest level. I’ve also seen the obstacles they had to overcome when faced with challenges or criticism from naysayers and sometimes even loved ones. I believe this experience has given me a mental fortitude that I applied to my situation which allowed me to always compete at a high level with the endurance to be the last one standing."