24th December 2018 Ibram

Ibram Gaston of R.U.N Global, Inc. provides the inside scoop on recruitment

As 2018 is coming to an end and many companies are winding down, CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc. Ibram Gaston sat down for a one on one interview to provide the inside scoop on the event marketing expert’s approach to recruitment.

With the New Year right around the corner, traditionally a time where people reflect, re-evaluate and consider a career change, the Port St. Lucie-based firm will be looking to add to their talent pool.

CEO Ibram Gaston provided the inside scoop on the company’s approach to recruitment and what he looks for in candidates.

What specific attributes do you look for in applicants?

“First and foremost, I want people who are determined. People who have the drive to accomplish their goals. Drive is the key to success.  Not every day will be sunshine and roses, and some days will be dark, so I want someone who accepts that and has a bigger purpose and has the drive to be great, that allows them to continue to aspire to develop and to continue to take it one day at a time.”

What industries do your current team come from?

“We have quite a mixed group who have a varied work history; however, the one common industry most of our team come from is customer service. One of the keys to success in sales is excellent customer service. Those from a customer service background already possess excellent communication and people skills, and they recognize the importance of providing an outstanding customer experience. Therefore, the transition into sales is seamless for them.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone on their first day at your company?

“Firstly, expect to be held accountable. We are looking for people who are leaders, not followers. We don’t want people who just do what they’re told. I’m looking for people who can take the initiative to impact change. I would also encourage them to speak up. Our culture here is based on open communication. I welcome feedback and input from everyone regardless of how long they have been here.”

R.U.N Global, Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in events and promotions for some of the nation’s largest brands. The firm has the opportunity to expand in 2019, and to make that happen, effective talent acquisition is pivotal. Find out more about the unique and exciting opportunities at R.U.N Global, Inc. by visiting their website: http://runglobalinc.com/getting-to-work/.