14th September 2018 Ibram

Ibram Gaston of R.U.N Global Inc. argues aspiring professionals must adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

“To achieve great success, you have to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset,” argues Ibram Gaston, CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc. The business owner has revealed the stark contrast of an employee vs entrepreneur mindset.

R.U.N Global, Inc. are advocates of entrepreneurship. CEO Ibram Gaston is committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their business ambitions. Via his mentorship program, the business owner has been advising and guiding aspiring professionals. Mr Gaston has revealed how individuals can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

1. Take Responsibility

Those with an employee mindset look to the “boss” figure to take responsibility. Entrepreneurs are solely responsible for everything, the good and the bad. R.U.N Global, Inc. urges aspiring professionals to take responsibility for everything they do and stop looking for others to take control. “You are responsible for your success and failures,” commented Mr Gaston.

2. Keep learning

Many employers aren’t committed to development and upskilling and will only provide employees with basic training upon starting a job. Those with an employee mindset fail to recognize the importance of continued education. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset appreciate the value of learning and they utilize every opportunity that comes their way, absorbing all available information to expand their knowledge and skill-set. 

3. Networking

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset recognize the value of assembling a network of like-minded individuals to turn to for advice and guidance. Too often, those with an employee mindset fail to seek out networking opportunities. At R.U.N Global, Inc. they urge their workforce to capitalize on every networking opportunity. “You become who you surround yourself with, so choose wisely,” commented Mr Gaston.

4.  Accept Failure

People with an employee mindset view failure as something that must be avoided at all costs. However, entrepreneurial-minded individuals embrace failure. They appreciate the lessons that can be learned and they accept that it is a natural part of the journey to success.

5. Remember the big picture

Last but not least, the key to adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is to remember the bigger picture. Individuals with an employee mindset often focus on the small, daily tasks and forget to think about how they contribute to the bigger picture. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset understand the value of the small tasks, and they also look beyond those menial tasks to spot opportunities that can contribute to the bigger picture. 

R.U.N Global, Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in events and promotions for some of the nation’s largest brands. CEO Ibram Gaston is a passionate business coach and mentor who is committed to helping aspiring professionals achieve their goals.