8th January 2019 Ibram

“I am committed to paying it forward in 2019,” claims RUN Global, Inc., CEO

With the New Year a time where many companies take time to reflect and consider their goals for the next twelve months, CEO at R.U.N Global, Inc. Ibram Gaston has revealed he is committed to paying it forward.

During a recent interview, Mr. Gaston was asked about his goals for R.U.N Global, Inc. in 2019. The business owner revealed,

“I want to pay it forward and promote 2 to 3 managers. The beauty of this business is that if my team is succeeding, simultaneously, the company is moving forward too. Over the next twelve months, I am focused on paying it forward and helping as many people as possible achieve their goals and reach their potential.”

Paying it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed, repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. Mr. Gaston is a passionate business coach and mentor who is committed to using his position as a business owner to help aspiring professionals to achieve their goals.

At R.U.N Global, Inc. they offer ambitious individuals the opportunity to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality. Mr. Gaston has created a no seniority business model. The event-marketing specialists have implemented a training program to groom and develop individuals to execute their client’s campaign initiatives; hence guaranteeing a proven model & scalability into several markets on demand.

The program is open to all. At R.U.N Global, Inc. they have adopted a no experience – no problem approach to recruitment. The event-marketing experts look for individuals who can quickly learn the standard operating procedures from entry level to an executive level.

Participants in the program are trained at the entry level of sales & marketing, as that is the foundations of the business model. Individuals usually transition from that role between 90 – 120 days before moving onto the training executive phase. As a Training Executive, the focus is on leadership development, and the ability to problem solve while coordinating events. Once participants graduate from the program, they will then have the opportunity to spearhead their own campaign and help the firm expand into new locations across the US.

With a structured career path in place, R.U.N Global, Inc. CEO Ibram Gaston is excited to pay it forward in 2019.

R.U.N Global, Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in events and promotions for some of the nation’s largest brands. The firm has the opportunity to expand in 2019, and to make that happen, effective talent acquisition is pivotal. Find out more about the unique and exciting opportunities at R.U.N Global, Inc. by visiting their website: http://runglobalinc.com/getting-to-work/.