Brand Ambassadors


For those who are outgoing and prefer avoiding a cubicle, this position provides an opportunity to perform an exciting role. We’re looking for ambassadors to inform consumers at our events on what our clients are up to that’s new and the benefits. Plenty of opportunity for travel and growth while representing our clients with the utmost professionalism.


Given the partnerships that we have with some of the largest brands, we are looking for candidates to facilitate our promotional and retail events. As an ambassador you will be the face of our brands and provide guidance to attendees looking to get started or general information on promotions. If you’re looking for an exciting role that provides great public speaking and customer service experience, you’re almost there!


  • Attractive Personality
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Entrepreneur Mentality
  • Team Oriented
  • Leadership Traits
  • Will to Improve Self

Education & Experience

  • HS Diploma/some college preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Major in communications, business, hospitality, sports management – preferred not required

Brand Ambassadors
Training Executive


Training Executives coordinate & manage our events. These candidates also assist with the training and development of onboarding staff to ease with their transition into their appointed role.


  • Coordinating live product demonstrations
  • Organize the training & development of staff
  • Report progress of staff & demonstrations to upper management
  • Set up workshops for educational purposes & best practices

Knowledge and Skills

  • Extensive background with customer service
  • Ability to train multiple people in one session
  • Ability to problem solve while multi-tasking
  • Results driven to meeting deadlines
  • Ability to excel in a team environment without affecting personal development
  • Self motivated with ability to influence others positively

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience (preferred not required)
  • Multiple years of relevant training experience (preferred not required)
  • Multiple years of coordinating events (preferred not required)
  • Public speaking experience is a major plus!

Training Executive
Training Executive


Do you believe that you can assist with leading an organization if only you were provided the proper training & tools to allow you to be successful? Welcome to our management training program where the coaching & development is provided start to finish.

Program Description

R.U.N Global has implemented a management training program to assist brands with finding the top talent that’s groomed & developed within our organization to execute their campaign initiatives; hence guaranteeing a proven model & scalability into several markets overnight or on demand.

What to expect?

Given the high demand of our clients, we’re looking for candidates who can quickly learn our standard operating procedures from entry level to an executive level. Every candidate starts at the ground level with facilitating events and converting customers for our clients. Depending on one’s ability to quickly adapt, they’ll be a larger focus on leadership with a high focus on developing & training others.

Candidates will be trained at the entry level of sales & marketing. Given that this is the primary driver for our clients revenue stream, candidates transition from this role between 90 – 120 days prior to moving onto the training executive phase. Within this role as a training executive, leadership qualities and the ability to problem solve while coordinating events will be key. Once training is completed, advancement opportunities with senior level positions will be discussed within the company.

Training Executive
Training Executive


Through our internship opportunities in marketing and sales, we provide hands-on experience that’s essential for professional development for all students searching for problem-solving and improvement of interpersonal skills prior to graduating as they transition into the real world from the classroom.

Program Description

Interns are responsible for creating dynamic experiences and bringing all aspects of our brands to life. Our Interns will be the face of our client as you’ll explain our client’s products and services in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. People with an outgoing personality and a great sense of humor often enjoy this part of the role. As you develop your skills sets through the training provided, other opportunities to progress may also become available. This includes the opportunity for full-time work, leadership opportunities, and even managerial positions further down the line.

Key Responsibilities Include:

Intern Key Responsibilities include:

• Assist with the planning and execution of events
• Assist with the marketing program initiatives for effectiveness within the market
• Gather and use attendee feedback for future enhancements for the events
• Identify the competitors and industry trends
• Provide support for local initiatives and programs led by the Senior Marketing Manager

Internship Qualifications (helpful not required):

• Self-starters to join a team that is passionate about marketing and events
• Creative and solution-oriented problem solver, with a strong customer focus
• Outstanding organizational, time management, verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent negotiating and influence skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Highly detail oriented, forward-thinking and proactive
• Familiarity with Excel (e.g. data manipulation and analysis, equations, etc.) and PowerPoint (creating and editing presentations)
• Able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
• High degree of professionalism and flexibility

Internship Requirements:

⦁ Travel to Port St Lucie
⦁ For legal reason, applicants must be 18 or older
⦁ For our international applicants, please keep in mind, we are unable to provide sponsorships at the current moment.

Training Executive