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We help brands grow...

With a clear focus and understanding of our brands goals, we’re able to share their initiatives and stories with consumers to convert them into their new customers.

We focus on personal development...

We only promote from within, allowing endless opportunities for growth into management or partnerships with some of the nations largest brands.

We mentor...

We believe in educating through real world experiences and best of all, friendly competition for maximizing one’s potential.

What We Do
About Us


R.U.N Global is a marketing firm that specializes in events and promotions for some of the nation’s largest brands.

Our primary goal is to develop campaigns that provide unique experiences for our clients through direct marketing strategies that generate faster and measurable results. Our events range from pop up events, retail & in-store promotions, expo & trade show events, etc.   Through our face to face interaction and live product demonstrations, we’re able to provide a unique experience that allows each brand to extend their reach beyond their corporate walls to up close and personal with their target audience; resulting in a clearly defined relationship between the client and the customer.

Our company embraces hard work, as this is required of ourselves to set us a part, to live up to and surpass our clients expectations. We’re committed to building interpersonal skills, critical thinking & problem solving abilities, effective oral and written communication, and friendly competition to build the confidence that is necessary for sustained growth and professional development within the industry.

About Us
Why Use Us


Linda takes the same path to drop her kids off at school and go to work every single day. While the kids are screaming and throwing their breakfast at her, she finally notices a billboard ad that she found humorous not realizing that she’s driven past it 31 times already. Like most people do, she chuckles then proceeds with her thoughts. She drops the kids off then rushes to work to get there just in time. What Linda does not realize is along the way to dropping off her kids off at school and going to work, she’s already seen over 100 ads to start off her day. By the end of her day right before tucking the kids in and calling it a night, she would have seen or heard well over 1,000 ads but ends her day without even realizing it.

Fortune 500 companies will spend anywhere from 10-13% of their annual total revenue on marketing strategies. Of that, 24% of the marketing revenue is spent on events for organizing or participatory purposes. Face to face increases the likelihood of Linda saying yes by over 20%. To the average consumer, billboards, tv commercials, radio commercials are often blurred as the mind prioritizes by using ones personal situation with a past or future perspective. With our guidance, brands come to the fore front while consumers are able to focus in the moment converting them into customers and long term supporters.

Direct marketing strategies relay a brands message to create a deeper connection with consumers who typically otherwise would give them no priority. Instead of feeling like one of a million, we understand that not one size fits all giving each brand the ability to customize an experience one consumer at a time.


Human Element

Our Industry experts relate and explore the human element above all. No one likes to be sold to but everyone wants to be heard. Providing a unique experience that is created through the key elements of a conversation with the consumers best interest in mind with no compromise….ever!

REAL feedback

No photoshop or gimmicks! Real people getting real results. Voices often get lost in a crowded room with a lot of distractions. We help our brands give individualized attention to every voice as all feedback does matter; good or bad, allowing our brands to make adjustments that are effective and appreciated.


While allowing brands to put their products to use at the local level for market penetration, we’ve created a system that allows them to seamlessly scale to reach more people with higher conversions through specialists who are more than qualified to get the job done.

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In our markets, we find the best talent that is dedicated to putting in the actions to stand above everyone else; super competitive individuals who are always looking for ways to showcase their interpersonal and communication skills. that we can improve our brands’ experience. People who are creative with their ideas and be a unique part of the process of providing a personalized experience on behalf of our brands.


We assist brands with creating promotional programs with their products or services that produce a higher return on investment while decreasing marketing expenses. These promotions consist of creative strategies that include the following; contests, limited time offers, seasonal or holiday discounts, and retention incentives to satisfy existing customers to keep them for years to come. We equip new customers with research from industry trends and bridge the gap between concept and applicability with a personalized touch.


We give our clients the ability to seamlessly transition from their corporate environments to full engagement with potential customers in the real world. This gives every brand the ability to take campaigns by bringing them to life up close and personal. We assist with the planning and development as well as implementing their initiatives to connect at the local level penetrating one zip code at a time.


Our industry experts have a proven process for developing businesses through our campaigns; brands reap the benefit of steadily feeding their sales pipeline while receiving proven results that start the process of separating themselves from their competitors. All campaigns are catered to assist brands with the sole purpose of providing a wide range of exposure with a personalized experience with their target market.

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